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World’s most advanced DDR3 and DDR4 DIMM Testing Solution
  • Fully Automated ATE + Btt Single Step Module Tester with speeds up to 2.133MT/s
  • Test During Burn-In (TDBI) High Temperature Chamber Available
  • Capable of handling all DDR3 and DDR4 DIMM configurations
  • Great for high volume production or engineering lab use


KT-3M Features


High performance, Highly automated DDR3/DDR4 Module tester

  • Available in configurations up to 32 DIMMs in parallel
  • Support for all DIMM configurations (registered, unbuffered, SoDIMM, miniDIMM)
  • Full Btt support
  • True double data rate tests, No pattern generator interleaving, No special “Mux” modes required to achieve high data rates
  • Low voltage support
  • Very small footprint
  • No special air, power, or cooling requirements


Contact, Leakage, IDD, SPD, Btt, and PPG testing


Full suite of test patterns provided


New uC to drive the tester – higher performance and more capabilities


Windows 7 support


Adjustable clocks

  • tRC, tRCD, tRASmin, tRASmax, tRP, tRRD, tWTR, tRTW, tRFC, tAL, tCWL, tRTP


Address Generation

  • 16 Rows + 15 Columns + 4 Bank Selects


Automated DDR3/DDR4 read/write leveling


Features Standard in All KTI Products

  • Failure/Design Analysis Tools including Shmoo and Burn-in
  • Simple drag and drop test flow creation
  • Full test flow control including looping, binning, etc.
  • Fully programmable pattern generator – we provide you many industry standard patterns, but you can write your own too!
  • Enhanced SPD programming tool including Address Tests, Write Protect tests and activation, date/time/serial number stamps, DDR3/DDR4 Temperature testing, etc.
  • Enhanced software customization available – data logging and analysis, tester flow control, bar code scanning, etc.


Features in All KingTiger Testers


Programmable Pattern Generator (PPG)

  • For custom test patterns
  • Ease of use
  • Many standard patterns included


Many standard test patterns available

  • March, X, Y, G, LR, LRD, IFA 13 and many more
  • IDD tests – all including IDD6
  • Contact
  • Leakage


Easy to swap load boards to switch between module types


Simple setup: One standard PC (provided), USB cable from PC to tester, and simple PC power cable to power the tester


Easy to use, modern, Windows User Interface


Programmable Pattern Generator (PPG)


Specialized CPU for memory testing

  • Custom test programs are written
  • Converted to binary programs
  • Downloaded to the tester for execution


PPG fully integrated into Tiger Claw


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